Mrakmur and Rogue Buddha Gallery present:

Going away party for Jana Komaritsa
August 23rd: 5-10 PM

Location: Rogue Buddha Gallery
357 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN

A billion words ago
They sang a song of leaving
An echo from the chorus
Will call them back again

A choir full of longing
Will call our ships to port
The countless lonely voices
Like whispers in the dark

“It was nine years ago I’ve set to a journey into the world and left my home country. Through the storms and still waters I’ve sailed through my life. The dark storms tried to wreck my ship and capture me in the waters of despair. As I learnt to navigate my journey, sometimes without compass or maps, I’ve celebrated the joy and happiness, life and death, beauty and ugliness, pain and suffering. I’ve discovered different lands, cultures and people. But the feeling of longing to return never left me.
And there came a day I have decided to set up the sails towards the journey back home.
I look into the horizon with optimism, ready to start the new cycle of life.

This is just a new beginning and for those who are interested in my events in the Twin Cities, I will continue doing them when I will be coming back and it will be happening already this fall. My goal is to establish a platform for international cooperation and exchange between local art and music scene and scene overseas, with bases in Europe and the USA. Think global — Act global.” ~ Jana Komaritsa

Join me this evening, on August 23rd, as I celebrate the vast horizons of opportunities and the magical new cycle of life.

— Book reading and performance by Jana Komaritsa (book “King in the Thicket”)
— Performance by Darlene Dreamer
— Exhibition by Nicholas Harper
— Artist friends work
— Tarot by Geek Girl Tarot
— Dark music selection

Jana Komaritsa: