Mrakmur is an art studio, publishing, events, classes and workshops organizer and community development project. It was created and is managed by Jana Komaritsa, a Russian-born multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Minneapolis, MN, United States, as well as Moscow, Russia. She has been involved in the underground and alternative music and art scene for many years, in Europe, Russia and the USA.

In 2014 she started project Mrakmur, which was originally a publishing platform for experimental and underground art. In 2018 Mrakmur grew into an art studio and event organization agency, supporting all the things strange and unknown, unconventional and multidisciplinary forms of art, new media, art in urban context & site specific projects

In 2020 Mrakmur starts an international movement, uniting artists worldwide, who work in all mediums, with dark, experimental and mystical aesthetics. Over 100 artists had participated in Mrakmur events up to date.